These points may sound like they are not that serious, but these are usually the parts that you have under your control. You can’t do much about market crashes and such big events, but you can make a difference with these pointers.

Don’t dip into your retirement saving! Never. Ever. Just the time and energy to build up your savings again takes at least twice as much input than before. Rather eat less and stop your contributions than taking anything out of your savings so far.

Don’t retire with any outstanding debt. Basically you cannot retire if you still have debt…

Do increase your contributions each year. Increase your contributions each year by at least as much as inflation, ideally a few percent more than that. Since you are already contributing each month, the increase will be a relatively small change in your current financial, but it will do wonders for your eventual retirement level!

Do check the administration fees you pay. Every year. Those can be the difference to wondering what happened to your money versus what you are going to do with the extra money. Check on it each year since the low fees you have started out with might increase, hidden somewhere in the small print of the updated agreements. Financial institutions are excellent with the fine print, beware of that.